Best Pool and Sprinkler Services CT

Best Pool and Sprinkler Services In CT

Sprinklers are also important to inspect regularly. Leaky sprinklers can cause damage to your yard and home. They can lead to flooding in your yard which attracts insects or spray onto the siding of your home which causes mold overtime after prolonged exposure. Not to mention, paying to replace sod of paneling can be expensive. Make sure that your sprinklers are watering what they’re supposed to in order to keep your yard lush and your home dry. Ensure that they’re not using too much water to save you money or that the water pressure is so low your grass is parched.

Pool and sprinkler system inspections are important, which is why we offer them as part of our home inspection services. Check your equipment, test your water, and learn more about how to take better care of your home with Best Pool and Sprinkler Services In CT by R.E.S.-Vest LLC now.

Among many other issues, mold and fungi are the most common issues in a pool or near a sprinkler. If you don’t pay attention to it, this can grow out to cause a lot of damage to your health and the strength of your pool’s foundations. A well-maintained, healthy pool and sprinkler system adds life to your lawn and increases the value of your property. At R.E.S.-Vest LLC Inspections, we offer the best pool and sprinkler services CT. We will ensure that your pool and sprinklers are in top condition by identifying any current or potential issues and providing you with effective solutions on how to overcome them.

Pool Services

A swimming pool is one of the healthiest investments on your property, that’s why it should remain healthy and in optimum condition. A swimming pool is responsible for giving you relaxation, a pleasant view and a lot of fun for all ages. Not to mention swimming is the best exercise one can do. It only makes sense to take good care of it and conduct regular maintenance. Hence we are eager to provide comprehensive pool services for you and your family’s safety. Our pool services are conveniently customized as per your needs and you will find our service to be highly reliable and affordable.

Sprinkler Maintenance

A bad sprinkler system is worse than having no lawn sprinklers at all. Because a poorly designed system can damage your lawn, cause hidden leaks and wastewater, among many other issues. We provide expert home inspection services, including sprinkler and lawn maintenance. With our years of experience, we can make sure that you get a detailed report on your sprinkler system’s condition and suggest measures to improve its efficiency. Our irrigation experts will guarantee that your lawn is healthy and evergreen.

What we can do

Hiring our service means you will get peace of mind that professional experts are analyzing your pool and sprinkler system. We are known to provide the best pool and sprinkler services CT. We can help you with a large number of ways, including:

  • Checking all the leaks and cracks in your pool.
  • Prevent flooding and damage to your pool and its surrounding areas.
  • Check pool chemicals, pH levels, and stabilizer levels.
  • Ensure your piping and pumping system is in optimum condition.
  • Check the pool filter for its efficiency.
  • Check any damage, leak, or cracks in your sprinkler system.
  • Check all valves of the sprinkler.
  • Check the water pressure and water supply.
  • Complete maintenance of the pool and sprinkler system.

Pool and sprinkler

Take care to inspect your home’s pool and sprinkler systems regularly with R.E.S.-Vest LLC Inspections. A home inspection does not always include a pool and sprinkler system, but our team offers this service for your convenience. It’s important to inspect all features of the house to keep everyone accountable and avoid future, larger issues later on. If you require a pool and or sprinkler system inspection, contact us today!


A thorough pool inspection lets buyers and owners know the condition of the pool to properly maintain it. Make sure everything is operating as it should to prevent leaks, cracks, and other issues for the pool as well as the house. A crack in the pool could create foundation damage that leads to flooding and serious damage. A poorly cleaned pool could cause mold and build up overtime that causes health issues for those living there. These are all easy to avoid issues which, if handled improperly or left unnoticed, can result in bigger, costlier damage later on.