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With R.E.S.-Vest LLC Inspections, we assess your risk to keep you safe or help you toward closing any claims in the event you have experienced radon poisoning. You are especially at risk of radon poisoning if you smoke in your home. As home inspectors, we want to keep everyone safe and work strictly with the facts about your home and offer solutions where we can.

R.E.S.-Vest LLC Inspections serves Hartford, New Haven, Middlesex, New London, Litchfield, and Tolland counties with home inspections including radon gas testing. Our extensive list of services is to promote the safety of others. We work with home sellers, buyers, real estate agents, attorneys, insurance adjusters, remodelers, builders, and anyone involved in the home improvement trades to provide high-caliber inspections and reports. Inquire about a radon test for your next home inspection today. We also offer a free, one-hour consultation to save you time and money. Contact us today!

Radon is a colorless gas and does not smell, so it is almost impossible to notice human senses. Radon originates from underground due to small amounts of uranium and radium; these materials are radioactive; hence they decay. Ultimately, radon gas is produced. Radon’s minimal amount is present almost everywhere, but the problem begins when it accumulates in large amounts. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, frequent coughing, wheezing while breathing, or having chest pain, then it means you are exposed to radon gas. Any home can have a radon problem; the only way to be safe is to hire the best radon gas services CT, luckily R.E.S. VEST LLC is offering expert, professional radon gas screening services.

Radon in Water

Radon can also be found in the water we use daily. Because radon gas is soluble in water, it usually accumulates in the water underground. The only way to be sure is to test the water you use in your home. The water source can be from anywhere and still have radon traces in it. Exposure to Radon for more extended periods can cause you extremely unhealthy conditions. We, at R.E.S. VEST LLC provides you with the best radon gas services CT, so you and your family can enjoy a healthy, peaceful life.

Harmful effects of exposure to Radon:

  • In the U.S. the second most cause of lung cancer is due to exposure to Radon, which comes after cigarette smoke and is no less harmful than that.
  • The amount of radiation caused by Radon is equivalent to a large number of chest X-Rays. And remember, hospitals only allow 4 chest X-Rays a year for a single patient.
  • It can cause you shortness of breath.
  • It can cause you frequent wheezing.
  • High radiation will lead you to cough up blood.
  • Consistent coughing will cause chest pain.
  • And dreadfully, many more.

RES VEST Radon Gas Screening

Since we have been performing radon gas screening for a long time, we have developed ways to efficiently reduce radon levels in the air and the water of your home. Our engineers and lab tests have carefully designed remedies to mitigate Radon, so you and your family can breathe clean air and enjoy healthy water. It is essential to test your water and air, regardless of your home’s structure or foundation, for Radon’s presence. Be confident, have peace of mind with our radon gas services, and take care of your home, especially if you plan to move into a new house.

Radon GAs

Radon is a naturally-occurring, radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. It is important to inspect your home for radon gas as it is colorless and odorless. It is already in the air in small amounts, which is not harmful to breathe in, but in large quantities radon can be a huge risk to the inhabitants of any home.

Radon gas can also dissolve and accumulate in water from underground sources (called ground water), such as wells. When water that contains radon is used in the home for showering, washing dishes, and cooking, radon gas escapes from the water and goes into the air. It is similar to carbonated soda drinks where carbon dioxide is dissolved in the soda and is released when you open the bottle. Some radon also stays in the water.

Radon in air

Radon is known to be the leading cause of lung cancers in the non-smokers, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. It is created from the natural breakdown of uranium in the rock and soil below our homes, schools and businesses however there are some symptoms of radon in the air like wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain, loss of appetite and various others. At R.E.S.-Vest LLC Inspections, we provide radon air testing & radon mitigation systems and ensure a healthy home environment and clean indoor air.

Radon in water

Testing your home water is the only way to know if your water is clean from the radon or not. Presence of radon in the water can lead to serious health problems including lung cancer, headaches, damage to various organs and various other health problems. At R.E.S.-Vest LLC Inspections are a certified radon contracting company and our professionals detect your home’s radon levels and bring them down to healthy level. Our team consists of highly trained and qualified professionals who are ready to mitigate your radon issues and deliver you peace of mind.

You may be experiencing radon exposure if: