Home Inspection Service Middletown

R.E.S. — Vest LLC Inspection knows the stresses and times of property close-outs. We give flexible hours to keep your busy schedules so that we can complete a home inspection service Middletown in time & at the right time. Contact R.E.S. – Vest LLC Inspection to arrange an assessment of property if you are purchasing or marketing a residential home in Middletown.

A competent, insured inspector who monitors your home provides comprehensive reports. We keep our methods up to date, and we work to your advantage with the latest tools. We must get all the details you need for Middletown’s prospects, but we make it possible through our dedication.

Full-time Home-inspection Services

Our team takes the time to verify each field, function, and support system indoors and outdoors correctly. We check walls, siding, windows, doors, roof, patio, and more outside of the building, on the outside. We check built-in devices for proper functionality, solidity and stability walls, heating and cooling systems for appropriate use, harm base ceilings, and much more within the home. Please find out more about our Home Inspection Service Middletown by calling us. Adequate ventilation, roof leaks, and conformity to the code are thoroughly monitored at the shelf. There are also optional inspection facilities

Types of Home we Inspect

Our experienced inspectors can handle all types of home inspections, whether you have a compact home, a ranch, or even a duplex. For several years we have been inspecting a wide range of homes, offering quality, comprehensive consumer inspections, insurance companies, or mortgage lenders.

  • Homes for single families
  • Both Properties rural and urban
  • 4-plexes
  • Properties of high-level
  • Lofts 

We Value your Money

So, we make sure your money is invested well, and the property is reliable for years, whether you are a rental owner or a potential homeowner. We ensure that sellers will be prepared to sell the house, safe and secure later on against possible issues. In case you have concerns about the reports, you are free to contact our agents anytime.

We closely inspect the foundation for existing or future problems such as bowing and leaks. We search for attic leaks that can harm the house later and ensure that all windows and doors work well to last longer, preventing protection problems.

Experience Matters

Our inspectors are certified and experienced to cater to the responsibilities of home inspection. Our team members are continuously learning and working with knowledge. We are eager to learn and attend various seminars to address the issue of a home inspection on International Forums. Through inspection, we are pretty much secure and provide a detailed report with a deadline to check…


We are committed to providing quality researching in the library. We believe in providing a complete report of your property with indications of repair (future works). It’s our daily job to rock the mountains. Our team will share with you the evaluation of the condition of your premises and recommended quotation to provide you peace of mind and you are aware of the expenses to be done to secure your property.

Why choose us?

Licensed Teacher

Many of the home inspectors are highly educated and experienced to give you the digital report.

Educated Inspectors

We have specialists and qualified inspectors who can illustrate the experience of home inspection to save your investment.

Our Credentials

Our inspectors are certified and qualified according to the International standards.